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Chelsea Collies photo

For over 45 years, Chelsea has been devoted exclusively to breeding and showing Collies of wonderful type, health and temperament. Our Collies have competed successfully in the conformation and performance arenas, as well as providing outstanding pets and companion dogs. Award winning author and AKC licensed judge! We have the largest Collie website on the Net - with all kinds of information!!

Castlebar Collies

Castlebar Collies photo

Over 20 years, Castlebar has been dedicated to breeding and showing Collies of beautiful type, health and temperament. Our Collies have been very successful in the conformation ring and performance, as well as companion dogs. Breeder/Exhibitor Laura Weiss Collie/Sheltie artist known worldwide "Originals By Laura" has been creating collie and Sheltie artworks for over 20 years. Visit our site on the net. Be sure to keep up on my weekly blog.

Burlywood Collies, reg.

Burlywood Collies photo

During the past 30 years of our active involvement in breeding and showing AKC collie champions and performance titleholders, we have strived to breed dogs which conform to our vision of ideal collie temperament, breed type (appearance), structure and health. Member: Collie Club of America, Quarter-Century Collie Group, American Working Collie Association, Collie Health Foundation and the AKCs Breeder of Merit program. Collie breed information and referrals are gladly given.